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Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Class Structure

  • Ask all the kids to enter the mat and teaching the Bow
  • Welcome speech – Thanks for coming, wish happy birthday to the kid, the kid can be lined up in front of the class with the instructor, tell something special about the kid (ex: the day that the kid signed up, quality of the kid in class, etc) Tell them a little introduction about Jiu Jitsu and what we are doing on that class.
  • Birthday Kid leads the warm up.
  • Physical Drill (duck under and jump over, etc)
  • 1st technique: wrist grab escape 1 and 2
  • 2nd technique: Break Fall
  • 3rd technique: Technical lift
  • Game: Bulldog, Green Light-Red Light, Duck Duck Goose, Tug of War
  • Water Break
  • 4th Technique: Ground Technique Escape from Mount + Open the guard on knees + Side Mount + Mount – “repeat” Drill over and over
  • Mount Drills: (side to side, back to back, sumo fighting)
  • Everyone line up, and the birthday kid will demonstrate the techniques in front of the class
  • Final message: Why is important to train Jiu Jitsu, Bullies, Get healthy, help each other, etc…
  • White Belt promotion
  • Inform that everyone is getting a gift from Gracie Barra, they will get a week pass to train jiu jitsu.
  • Pass the weekly passes to the kids or inside the goody bag.
  • Bow to close the class and Group Picture.

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