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Jiu-Jitsu for Weight Loss


Marcio Spindola lost 20kg going from white belt to blue belt!



“For anyone who, like me, is looking to start after 45, I would greatly encourage you to try. Nerves, fitness, size or age have not been a barrier for me.   I continue to learn and even look forward to going. It is a very rewarding challenge and I look forward to rising to the challenge for a long time to come.”

Peter Mercer lost 18kg from white belt to 3rd stripe with no extreme diet changes!


Support On and Off the Mats

“The first feeling I had after (the competition) this morning was the warmth of gratefulness and pride that comes from being part of Gracie Barra. I know there was a time in my ligb-self-defence-low-saturation-6382-620x510fe when I didn’t do jiu jitsu, but now I can’t fathom life without it.
Thank you for your support,
your knowledge, friendship, putting up with minor meltdowns before comp, making me laugh, making sure I don’t die, challenging me constantly, being all-around amazing and giving me more than I could have ever expected from a sport.

– Sarah O’Brien

What Jiu-Jitsu Can Teach Corporate Australia

“I manage a high-performing team, at one of the world’s ‘most desirable companies to work for’ – but I wanted to share Jiu Jitsu with them to help them understand 2 very important ideas that i think often get lost even in the “best” of corporate environments:

1) Passion: No matter what, Professor Marcelo brings his ‘A-Game’ to class. img_1563-620x359For a truly world-class practitioner of his art, it is an impressive reminder of how important it is to love what
you do. This is evident whether he’s running Fundamentals classes for white belts, or high level black belt training … there is true joy in every session. As I look at the work I do with my team, I now ask myself the question “can I bring that kind of passion to what I do – and if so, how different might the results
be that we as a team achieve?”

2) Commit to the process: I watched the Professor commit to training for the World Championships this year. Even though he was clear that the result there was much less important than the process of committing to the training – the dedication I witnessed was inspirational. Like many of us with “regular” jobs – he has competing priorities: family, business, personal finances etc – but he made a decision to commit, and followed through. So often, the hardest thing in corporate life is to really give everything for a project where success is not guaranteed. Watching this was a real reminder that a focus on the process is so much more important than the outcome. Control the things you can control – and the results look after themselves.”

– Dan Peters, Director, Google

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